Artist statement

Stella Pace’s series of drawings are often used as a starting point for installations grouping collage, painting and sculptural installation:  People, Refugees (2000) Monks, Family (2003) Genocide (2005) Child Soldier (2010) Warriors (2015).  Her bidimensional practice takes form in works on paper (drawing, assembling, numerical impression) of very big dimensions : Family, Meeting (2007) Exile (2008) Heads (2009) Portrait (2012) Tribe (2013) Habitat (2016).

” She expresses an approach to art whose importance lies in the engagement with actual materials and total reality.  Stella is not interested in sculpturing being so as to be dissolved into an infinite number of appearances, no matter how easily communicable that may appear to be at first.  Rather her work seeks out the situated appearances and discovers that this is the path to being.  Her figures as they exist, are already seen, just as a foreign language we do not understand is already spoken.  The eye reads her meanings slowly.”

-extract from the catalogue “The body of the condemned” René Detroye, art dealer. 

Stella Pace is an artist that lives and works in Montreal.  She holds a bachelor in visual arts from Concordia University (1997).  Her works have been presented in Canada and in foreign countries in artist centers, public and private galleries, museums and also within the context of international art fairs.  Pace has to her name more than forty solo exhibitions, for instance at the Miriam Shiell Fine Art Gallery (Toronto) at the Museum du Bas St-Laurent (Quebec) and at the One Blue Sphere Gallery (lower countries).  She has taken part in the documentary « La maison des rêves/The house of dreams » produced by Guy Sprung (1998).

-extract from the catalogue “The body of the condemned” René Detroye, art dealer. 

Her works appear in many public collections, for instance the Library and National Archives of Quebec, Loto Quebec, the Desjardins Cooperative Institute.  Pace has obtained many grants from Quebec Council of Arts and Letter (2017) the Sodec (2015 and 2016) the G. Laoun Foundation (2006) and she participated in many artist residences at the Grave (Victoriaville) the Atelier de l’Ile (Val David) the studio Zocalo (Montreal), the studio Silex (Trois-Rivières).

She is part of the Miriam Shiell Gallery in Toronto and the A. Piroir Gallery in Montreal.